Our Story

We are a bunch of foodies who just love plain simple food without any fuss and stress. Our love for food drove us to explore a lot of fantastic restaurants and food outlets. We still craved the home cooked feel to a meal. So Calcutta Curry came about with menu options that are not only traditional by name – but are cooked in a way that screams home and comfort.

We a husband and wife team for now. Priya is the primary cook and recipe generator, while Ashish helps with finances and keeps his eye on the ball at all times! It is an exciting space to be in so it is very easy to get distracted by all the possibilities. We are always working to improve what we offer and reach more people via word of mouth and honest reviews. So if you have tried our food and really like it, please remember to mention our name to your contacts and help us grow!

We are always trying to incorporate authentic regional dishes into our menus. In that spirit, if there is a dish you like very much and would like to see us try, please drop us a line or give us a call and we will begin working on it promptly. Our test kitchen is always open and operating!